Planning Your Outdoor Hot Tub Installation

As a new hot tub owner, you’re no doubt looking forward to many hours of rest and relaxation in your spa. To ensure you get just that, read on for our handy tips on how to plan the perfect outdoor installation.

1. Choosing a Location

The size of your hot tub is only one consideration when it comes to picking out a space for your spa. While you do need to choose a space that works well with the size of your tub, you also need to think about proximity to a power source for your spa’s electrical needs as well as having ample room to access the equipment panel when maintenance is required.

Even more importantly, your spa should never be within 10-feet of overhead power lines — but it should be located where water can be drained away from your house.

Less vital, but still an important consideration, is privacy. Ideally, your space will not be visible to neighbors or traffic. If this isn’t possible, you may want to consider putting up a privacy shield in the form of a decorative lattice with ivy or another such plant. This forms an attractive yet effective barrier between you and your neighbors.

2. Choosing a Base

Your hot tub must be installed on a solid foundation. Whether you choose to locate your hot tub on an existing patio or deck or to pour a concrete base, the key is to make sure it is completely level.

If you opt to install your spa on an existing patio, all age and weather cracks must be repaired to ensure stability. With a deck, if it was built to code, it should be able to withstand the weight of a water-filled spa, but it’s wise to check with your contractor to see if an upgrade is needed.

If you opt for a concrete slab, be sure to measure carefully so the size accommodates your hot tub.

3. Choosing a Design

Now comes the fun part: tying your new hot tub into your existing landscaping. If you have a good-sized budget, you may want to consider encasing your spa in varnished wood or elegant stone, along with matching steps.

If you like the look of a sunken hot tub but can’t afford the price that comes with it, why not build a bench around your spa? Both attractive and functional, you can use wood or composite materials depending on your preference.

Another less expensive but beautiful option is building a stone garden around your spa. Using flat stones for steps, wrap three sides of your spa in soil, natural rocks and gravel. The side that is not encased should offer you access to the spa’s equipment panel. You can plant greenery or flowers among the stones for a lush look.

And don’t forget your hot tub cover and hot tub cover lifter. This not only protects your spa and keeps your water clean; it’s a good safety measure if you have children living with or near you.

Omaha Hot Tubs

Need more ideas for your hot tub installation? Our experts at Omaha Hot Tub Company would be happy to help. As your premier hot tub store in Nebraska, we cater to all of our customer’s needs, supplying everything from hot tub steps to spa chemicals. Visit our Papillion showroom to see the hot tubs we have in stock or to talk to one of our experts. Check out our blog for more information about hot tubs and spas. We’re always happy to help customers with their hot tub installation needs.

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