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Protect Your Spa With A Cover

Don’t let your spa go unprotected. With a cover, you can ensure that the water quality will remain maintained, while keeping your operational costs low. At Omaha Hot Tub Company, we have a wide selection of hot tub covers for sale that are crafted with some of the finest materials available to the industry. Complete with a robust design, you can enjoy the benefits of using a cover for years to come.

Top Quality and Efficiency

  • We offer the highest-quality hot tub covers in the industry, at affordable pricing
  • You can choose from 14 different colors to match your spa and home perfectly
  • Each cover is specially made with the dimensions of your spa to ensure a perfect fit and optimal efficiency
  • All of our hot tub covers are made right here in the USA
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Spa Covers Features

  • Fiberglass Panel Inserts for “Walk-On” Ability
  • Energy Efficient 5″-3″ Taper Thickness
  • Double Stitched for Added Strength
  • Rubber-Gripped Handles
  • ​Heavy Duty Outdoor Specialized Vinyl
  • Extended Heavy Duty Vapor Flaps for Extra Seal
  • Energy Efficient Polystyrene Inserts
  • Locking Straps on all 4 sides
  • ​Heat-Sealed Moisture Barrier Insert

Replacement Spa Covers

Is your spa cover in need of a replacement? Some warning signs can include:

  • Rips and tears
  • Deterioration
  • Strong odor
  • Heaviness

Here at Omaha Hot Tub Company, our covers offer an exact fit for every brand. Not to mention that the process is exceptionally easy. Simply measure your corner radius, pick a color and then give us a call at 402-330-6629.

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Pick Your Spa Cover Color

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Speak to one of our hot tub experts today about our available covers and accessories to complete your hot tub experience.


Lift and lower your hot tub cover with ease. Our cover lifters are fully compatible with both Sundance® Spas and their matching covers.

CoverMate Vanish in Papillion, NE


Made with quality materials and designed with all kinds of weather in mind, rain or shine your lifter is built to last.

CoverMate II in Papillion, NE


Operate your lifter with confidence. A secure installation can fully support the cover without the fear of damage or injury.

CoverMate Vanish XL in Papillion, NE


Lifting and lowering your cover using a lifter is a simple and quick process, thanks to a trouble-free manual lift.

CoverMate I in Papillion, NE


Our cover lifters have only one moving part and a built-in stop mechanism, so installation is simple and fast.


Adding steps can help create a safer and more secure way to enter and exit the spa.

SmartStep in Papillion, NE


Steps are available in a variety of colors and styles to match the cabinetry of your spa and elements of your backyard perfectly.

ModStep in Papillion, NE


Hot tub steps can make it easier for users to get in and out of the water, while an underneath storage compartment can keep towels dry.

DuraStep in Papillion, NE


Equipped with non-slip grip material to help reduce the risk of slips and falls, spa stairs can help to create a safer backyard environment.


Connect your mobile device to your Sundance® Spas using the innovative BlueWave™ Spa Stereo System. The built-in speakers create a premium sound that can be heard from up to 30 feet away, while a marine-grade docking compartment keeps moisture out, effectively preventing water damage. Charge your device while you soak with the USB connection or connect a different device using the AUX port instead. The choice is all yours.