Landscaping Ideas for Your Outdoor Hot Tub This Spring

Changing up the esthetic of your outdoor space can really rejuvenate your outdoor area. With the right landscape design and spa accessories, you can work to improve privacy, make your space more natural, or even work to increase seating and storage of your hot tub installation and entire outdoor oasis. You can even work to make your spa useable in all seasons. If you want to improve your home spa area, there are many ideas both big and small to help you accomplish your goal.

Raised Platform

When undertaking a full deck renovation, you could work to incorporate a raised platform. This allows for easy access to the spa, wherever you are in the yard. If you are dining or enjoying time outside with friends, your hot tub is only a few steps away.


If a whole new deck is not in the cards for you or your budget, consider building some benches around your existing hot tub. This not only allows for some increased seating area for those who wish to enjoy the company, but not the heat, they could be modified to include extra storage.

Spa Steps

To bring a more modern feel into your home oasis, consider adding some spa steps. These not only allow for easier access to your hot tub, but they can also improve safety for all users. These steps can be designed and finished in a manner that supports your personality and style.

Gazebos and Umbrellas

To bring in some shade to your area, think about using an umbrella. An umbrella set up over a dining area can allow guests an area to cool down in, while still being included in the festivities. A gazebo constructed over the spa can also provide shade and give you a place to dry towels. A store that sells spa accessories can assist you in choosing the best one for you.

New Life with Lighting

Introducing some new lighting ideas to your backyard can bring a whole new personality to your outdoor space. White lights strung about a deck pole, or even around an umbrella can add to a fantasy atmosphere. Lights are available that flash in time to music, and even those which work underground.

Bring in Plant Life

To add some healthy greenery to your backyard space, include some potted or even planted plants. These are available in a variety of styles, colors and care levels. Don’t forget to water your plants frequently, and ensure they are pet friendly.

Omaha Hot Tub Company

Omaha Hot Tubs offers both spa sales and spa service. If you are curious about the best way to improve your outdoor area, come and see us in Papillion Nebraska. We love working with customers both new and old, to make your spa dreams come true. In addition, we can also provide you with spa accessories. For those who keep irregular hour, or for when inspiration strikes at an odd time, our blog is always open!

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