Can Soaking in a Hot Tub Improve Your Health?

If you’re wondering if hot tub hydrotherapy can improve your health, the short answer is yes.

Hydrotherapy, the use of water to promote good health, is a natural way to treat a number of physical and mental health conditions. And the best way to get a daily dose is in your spa where you can enjoy relaxing heat and jet massage. Let’s take a look at the top four benefits regular hot tub use can have on your health.

1. It Relieves Stress

Stress can have a major impact on your health. From raising your blood pressure to leaving you feeling tired and achy, stress truly can make you feel awful. If you suffer from stress-related headaches or other ailments, incorporating a nightly soak into your routine could be just what the doctor ordered. Not only will the heat and massage help you to relax, it will loosen tight muscles and melt away tension. As an added benefit, the heat will increase your body’s endorphin levels, giving you a natural high and an overall feeling of contentment.

2. It Relieves Pain

Whether you’re suffering from an injury or you have a chronic condition, the heated waters of your hot tub can help. Once again, it’s the magical combination of heat and massage that does the trick. The combination of the two stimulates circulation — and that means an increase of healing blood flow to injured muscles and joints. This leads to a decrease in swelling and inflammation. The pain relief lasts beyond submersion time as well, making it a great way to find relief.

3. It Increases Immunity

While there’s no way to guarantee you won’t catch a bug this cold and flu season, soaking in your hot tub regularly can increase your chances of staying healthy. The improved circulation you enjoy while relaxing in the heated water fires up your white blood cell count. The increased blood flow carries these cells to areas of your body that are battling germs or toxins. This not only helps you to fight germs, but get rid of toxins too.

4. It Improves Flexibility

If you are plagued by limited mobility or painful movements, incorporating regular hot tub use into your routine can help. The heat of the water increases circulation, moving blood more quickly to your muscles. Not only does that heightened blood flow have healing properties, but it makes your muscles more pliable.

And that makes it the perfect time to do some stretching. Doing some light exercise in your hot tub is an ideal way to get in some physical activity without running the risk of hurting yourself. The water acts as a cushion for your limbs, allowing you to stretch further than you’d otherwise be able to. With daily repetition, this can make a big difference to your range of motion and overall mobility.

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